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Zeb, Rachel, Zaiden & Riley

Zeb and Rachel are as fun and happy as they are nice! We met a few years ago when Zaiden and Cannon played soccer together, and  had so much fun on the sidelines visiting and cheering the kids on. Just over a year ago, they welcomed Riley to their family earlier than expected. We intended to get together for maternity photos, but Riley had other plans- deciding she would rather be around for the shoot!! Riley is the happiest, most calm and content baby, who is just happy to be with her family and laugh with her brother. She has piercing blue eyes and the sweetest smile. Zaiden is an awesome ball of energy who made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt!! He told jokes, but was funniest when he was chatting about whatever was rolling through his curious head. It was so great to get together and hang with Zeb and Rachel for family pictures, and I loved be able to capture them doing what they do best- loving their kids in such a sweet way.

Katherine, Scott, & Vivienne

When I arrived at Katherine and Scott’s home to take photos of 6 month old Vivienne, everything was so calm and peaceful and quiet. Vivienne was just waking up from a morning nap and Sophie (an 11 year old Italian greyhound) was quietly keeping guard. I noticed that at six months in, Scott and Katherine still seem to be walking around in the illuminating glow of brand new parenthood. The glow- it’s like a mixture of pure joy, a little bit of sleeplessness, and the strange yet comforting feeling that you can’t remember what life was ever like without this tiny person. Toys were strewn throughout their house, yet all perfectly placed to entertain the sweetest little girl with the most infectious laugh. Vivienne was so happy and calm! She loves Disney Junior and is fascinated with everything around her. She saves her biggest smiles for her mom and dad.

Katherine and Scott are really just so easy going and relaxed. I left feeling like I wanted to invite them over for beer and a barbecue so we could keep talking! I love the photos from their shoot. I love the mellow and easy feel. I love that I caught Scott cuddling Vivienne as she was waking up from her nap, and the two of them working together to get her changed and buttoned up. I love the photos of Katherine and Scott making a bottle and feeding Vivienne her vegetables. I love Sophie keeping watch on the couch, and that in some shots you can see Scott and Katherine in their socks. The best moments sometimes are the ones spent lounging on the couch on the weekends. Scott and Katherine just happen to be really, really beautiful when they do it! (Her hair!! Seriously amazing!)

March 8, 2013 - 9:48 pm

Amber Great shots, Mahoney!

Jeff, Jennifer, & Josephine VanH

This site has been severely neglected over the past few months, so I have some major catching up to do.

I can’t wait to show you the amazing baby Josie. The prettiest, sweetest, little girl baby. Jeff and Jen are such cool, calm new parents. We walked around a downtown DC city park and the day was so relaxing. Josie was easygoing and happy, and Jeff and Jen were so attentive, calm and tender with Josie. They are natural parents, and made a beautiful family!

I love this fuzzy little head. Look!

I heard Jeff sometimes has a hard time being serious in photos. I really don’t believe it though. I think he just has an inner Super Hero desperately trying to escape. The lost Avenger…

Oh, the smiles on this girl. She saves them for her mom and dad.

I love how their eyes laugh when they look at each other.


Jen literally glows with motherhood. She is stunning. Gorgeous.

I mean, this. Sleepy baby on your neck. It really never gets any better than this.


Auntie Quinn did it. She made it happen. (But Aunt Quinn also made it better, I promise.)

All smiles for Daddy.

The eyes.

I’m telling you. Super Hero. Dying to escape… Smolder, Jeff. Smolder.

Bonus photo: Jen and Quinn. sisters.
June 13, 2012 - 7:40 pm

Denise Danielle, I’ve always loved your photos, but these are particularly fabulous.

I owe you for other good things, too. Hope to see you soon.


Laura, Rachelle, & Harrison

Moments after Rachelle and I booked the date for her family photo shoot, she sent me a picture of her son with the sweetest smile that wrinkled his nose.

“We call him Mr. Wrinkle Nose!” she wrote.

I immediately knew I liked her! It wasn’t just because she couldn’t wait to introduce me to Harrison, but I could actually feel her beaming through email! I knew we’d have a great time.

Rachelle has a big, happy laugh, and as we walked around the park I noticed that she doesn’t just beam when she talks about Harrison… Laura and Rachelle have been together for 13 years, and her eyes twinkle and her face beams when she looks at Laura.

Harrison is so, so handsome, and he is a calm, laid-back, easy-going, happy baby. He turned one in October and loves to read books- flipping over each page fast and then going right to the next book.

FUN FACT: Rachelle and Laura actually took Harrison out for his VERY FIRST haircut the same day as photos (!!). And it looked GREAT! (I’m still terrified to get Hudson’s haircut…) (They  made sure to leave a few curls in the back.)

Conversation with Rachelle and Laura was easy, and I absolutely fell in love with Harrison. I left the park last Saturday truly feeling like we were great friends that had known each other for years.

Thanks, Rachelle & Laura!! Can’t wait to see you guys again!

Anna Danielle

I am super behind on adding photos to the site. While I play catch up, take a quick peek at my niece Anna Danielle. She belongs to my brother and his beautiful wife, Lindsey. I love this baby girl!


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