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Katherine, Scott, & Vivienne

When I arrived at Katherine and Scott’s home to take photos of 6 month old Vivienne, everything was so calm and peaceful and quiet. Vivienne was just waking up from a morning nap and Sophie (an 11 year old Italian greyhound) was quietly keeping guard. I noticed that at six months in, Scott and Katherine still seem to be walking around in the illuminating glow of brand new parenthood. The glow- it’s like a mixture of pure joy, a little bit of sleeplessness, and the strange yet comforting feeling that you can’t remember what life was ever like without this tiny person. Toys were strewn throughout their house, yet all perfectly placed to entertain the sweetest little girl with the most infectious laugh. Vivienne was so happy and calm! She loves Disney Junior and is fascinated with everything around her. She saves her biggest smiles for her mom and dad.

Katherine and Scott are really just so easy going and relaxed. I left feeling like I wanted to invite them over for beer and a barbecue so we could keep talking! I love the photos from their shoot. I love the mellow and easy feel. I love that I caught Scott cuddling Vivienne as she was waking up from her nap, and the two of them working together to get her changed and buttoned up. I love the photos of Katherine and Scott making a bottle and feeding Vivienne her vegetables. I love Sophie keeping watch on the couch, and that in some shots you can see Scott and Katherine in their socks. The best moments sometimes are the ones spent lounging on the couch on the weekends. Scott and Katherine just happen to be really, really beautiful when they do it! (Her hair!! Seriously amazing!)

March 8, 2013 - 9:48 pm

Amber Great shots, Mahoney!

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