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Tracy, Heather, Avery & Jackson

Heather and I met when Avery and Cannon were babies. Although the kids haven’t been in school together for a few years, we still get our families together and try to meet up for drinks when we can. I’m so lucky to have met so many wonderful people through my children. It seems I write a lot about how much people mean to me, but Heather and Tracy are no exception. They (and their families) have always welcomed my family so warmly. Get togethers with their extended family and friends are always easy and fun and end with hugs all the way around. (My husband wants me to mention here that they are also New England’ers who like the Patriots and Red Sox, which makes them even more awesome…) (Okay. I mentioned it. Although it won’t make me very popular in the Maryland area…:))

Avery is bright and friendly and kind and smart, and a sweet mix of delicate and silly. Since she was a baby, I was enamored with her porcelain skin, dark hair and light blue-green eyes. She smiles so easily, but even her serious faces are striking. She is a great artist and I learned on photo day that she has been writing books!

Jackson is such a sweet guy who naturally flirts with the camera. As soon as a I’d raise the lens, his face would break into this deep, charming smile with a giant dimple (regardless of how bored he was seconds before). When looking around Jackson’s sports themed bedroom I asked him what his favorite thing was in his whole room. He walked over to his bookshelf, stuffed his hands in his pockets and said, “all of my books”.

While Heather and Tracy finished getting ready for photos, I snuck into the kids’ rooms and caught them reading. (I was admittedly jealous of the calm and quiet in the house!)


Love you guys! – Danielle

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