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Jeff, Jennifer, & Josephine VanH

This site has been severely neglected over the past few months, so I have some major catching up to do.

I can’t wait to show you the amazing baby Josie. TheĀ prettiest, sweetest, little girl baby. Jeff and Jen are such cool, calm new parents. We walked around a downtown DC city park and the day was so relaxing. Josie was easygoing and happy, and Jeff and Jen were so attentive, calm and tender with Josie. They are natural parents, and made a beautiful family!

I love this fuzzy little head. Look!

I heard Jeff sometimes has a hard time being serious in photos. I really don’t believe it though. I think he just has an inner Super Hero desperately trying to escape. The lost Avenger…

Oh, the smiles on this girl. She saves them for her mom and dad.

I love how their eyes laugh when they look at each other.


Jen literally glows with motherhood. She is stunning. Gorgeous.

I mean, this. Sleepy baby on your neck. It really never gets any better than this.


Auntie Quinn did it. She made it happen. (But Aunt Quinn also made it better, I promise.)

All smiles for Daddy.

The eyes.

I’m telling you. Super Hero. Dying to escape… Smolder, Jeff. Smolder.

Bonus photo: Jen and Quinn. sisters.
June 13, 2012 - 7:40 pm

Denise Danielle, I’ve always loved your photos, but these are particularly fabulous.

I owe you for other good things, too. Hope to see you soon.


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