Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Tiller Family.

I was able to catch up with Gina and Steve a few weekends ago (on their anniversary!), and we grabbed some great family photos. The twins will be three in two months, and Gina loves how much Aaron helps to look after them. Aaron is as animated as ever (just older) and Vivienne is either getting more used to seeing me every now and then, or else she is really becoming so confident. She is silly and laughs big and looks at Aaron with adoration and pure joy. Milo is quietly observant, only hinting at a flirtatious smile after I work for it. He likes his trucks, and watching him roll them on the floor made me wish I could really see the world from his view.

It seems that family fall photos aren’t complete unless someone is diving into a pile of leaves. On this day, the Tiller leaf pile was massive, and EVERYONE dived in!! We managed to wrap it up with only one bloody nose and zero grass stains! Success! if you ask me!!


F a c e b o o k