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The Araya Family

Andria and I first met at work. Our children are the same ages and we have compared many notes on our “oldest” and “middle” children. It took about 30 seconds after meeting Andria to really like her. Everyone who meets her is drawn in to her welcoming spirit. It doesn’t take very long to confirm that she is a hard worker, fantastic mom, and behind her natural beauty and radiant smile, her sailor mouth actually rivals even the most devoted pirates! (Love her!)

Although I had met Nico a few times, I finally got to meet her whole family a couple of weekends ago. We had a great time running around an open farm field and playing all kinds of games. Nico is seven years old. He is thoughtful and warm, and unquestionably smart. He is just as happy laying back with a book as he his flying through the air with his dad’s feet as his airplane trajectory. Four year old Matteo appears to be a little shy at first, but he is devilishly lovable with his flirtatious, mischievous smile. It’s easy to see his mind constantly cranking and absorbing the world around him, and he became my fast friend when I hired him to help me take pictures. Camila (or usually just Mila) is a gorgeous girl who just takes everything in. She just turned one, and rolls with the punches and gets right in the mayhem with her big brothers. She’s a great little walker and kicked it up with a timeless polka dotted dress and Converse sneakers. Although some people claim to have literally seen a glowing halo right above her head, she isn’t afraid to eat a little dirt now and then.

Okay, enough chatter. Photo time. Enjoy!



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