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Ray Family Summer 2011

Quick sneak peak for the Ray Family!

Despite a terribly hot and humid summer morning and an obscene display of relentless biting flies, I really, really enjoyed meeting Brian, Laura, Austin and Aidan, and Kylie- their little tomboy dog. Austin is two and loves trains and soccer, and he couldn’t wait to visit the old bus stashed away at the park. He is such a sweet boy with very promising gig as my assistant shooter on some upcoming jobs! Check out how well he handled a camera…

Austin took these two shots of his mom and brother. I love them!!



Dye Family

I met up with the Dye family early on an already hot summer morning. They had donuts and orange juice and a quick tailgate breakfast while I began to meet everyone.

I truly love the rush of meeting new families. I begin to interact with each family member to discover their individual personality, but I also observe how they interact with each other. I try to draw something authentic from everyone. It’s a challenge for sure, but I especially love when I catch an interaction or moment that is more than just a smile or a perfect group photo.

Mike and Amy share an Army background, and their eyes smile when they look at each other. I don’t think they noticed me noticing.

Ashley recently graduated high school and is contemplating a military career like her parents. She’s enjoying her summer as a life guard (and the subsequent tan that still has me envious), and, although she is maybe unsure about which branch she will join, she’s excited to begin that chapter of her life this fall.

Rachel is going into the second grade and she loves math and science. She also loves bugs and brought her monkey, Sarah-Princess, along with her for photos.

Aaron is a spunky 5 year old who is excited about kindergarten. He gives the tightest hugs, kicked my butt in staring contests, and while he super loves his black puppy (named Black Puppy), he also loves THROWING Black Puppy if it means a fun family game of Monkey in the Middle.

Mike and Amy, it was so nice to meet your family! Thanks so much!

August 5, 2011 - 6:42 am

Randy McGrew Great Photos. Thanks for sharing.

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