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Bubbles, Planes, Twirling, Trains

I was so excited to see Lexi and Zach again this year! It still amazes me how fast babies grow, and how quickly they change. Lexi is 19 months old now and is a beautiful, spirited and determined little girl- so much changed form the baby I saw a year ago. She loves bubbles, planes, twirling in her dresses, dipping her feet in the cool water, and cheese and crackers.

Zach is three and still likes Thomas the Train, but DOES NOT like bugs. He loves his sandbox and his dump trucks and the color blue and, when his little sister slows down for a minute, he likes to play with her. I have loads of fun chasing these guys around in their backyard and trying to keep up with them long enough to freeze a moment with a photograph! Thanks, Angie and Matt, for inviting me into your world and trusting me with your memories.


Beach Morning

Recently I spent a morning at the beach with my good friend Keli and her two boys, Dillon and Shaye. (Shaye is the newborn in the header). We had rescheduled our initial photo day due to a massive thunderstorm (that never actually happened). I’m really glad we did because the weather was perfect on this morning. We got out there early, there was a nice cool breeze, the humidity hadn’t yet kicked up. Everything was still and quiet, and the boys were really happy and calm. We had a great time, and the relaxed atmosphere of the morning was perfect to just get some really great pictures of Keli with her two boys.

So, after the shoot I knew Keli was really excited to see the photos (I am excited about these too!). I delivered them before I had time to blog them or put them on Facebook. She was so excited to get her proof prints that she IMMEDIATELY adorned her entire work space with the photos, took a picture with her phone, and put it on FB. I got SCOOPED!:)But I LOVED to see her so excited!!

Keli stepped off the path for a minute and taught Dillon how to eat honeysuckle. He didn’t like it.


Shaye was getting sleepy.

Dillon had a great time throwing rocks in the water.

Keli is a great friend and I know that she is one of the people that has come in to my life for a reason. She pointed out that I “swing wide” whenever I walk with people so that they will open the door for me – and now she laughs with me whenever I intentionally do it; she willingly eats Peruvian chicken with me almost every day; she loves my kids way more than most people love someone else’s kids; and she is a sound voice of reason when I need reason and an ear when I feel like being unreasonable. I am truly grateful for her friendship. And her kids are really, really awesome!


July 1, 2011 - 8:59 am

Katie Clark love the shot of shaye falling asleep on keli. fantastic pictures!!!

June 12, 2011 - 9:48 pm

Stevie Very sweet post! Great job Danielle!!

June 12, 2011 - 5:25 pm

Keli Hiester This was a GREAT morning! I’m very grateful that I’ll have these to cherish forever!!!

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