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I met Ava and Aidan at my sons’ school a few years ago, and later when Drew became Cannon’s soccer coach. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Drew is the raddest, most awesomest coach ever! He is so patient with those 4 and 5 year olds; he keeps them engaged and having fun, and can ties shoes, redirect princesses, find pout-y cross armed boys on a swing set (in the middle of games ahem Cannon), wipe tears, and give pep talks- all faster than a super hero. All of the kids adore him and I’m not sure any other coach will ever survive my Cannon.

Laura is simply stunning and pretty much the nicest person I’ve ever met. She is the pregnant friend that makes you think “I could do that again. Look at how GREAT she looks.” Her hair, her glow, her perfect belly- she’s gorgeous.

Aidan has eyes that smile before the rest of him. He plays soccer and lacrosse (and I’m sure I’m missing some). His birthday is two days before Justin Bieber’s and he is rockin’ the hair. I tried to whip out some jokes for him but, after a quick courtesy laugh, he schooled me. (That always happens, really.) (I stink at jokes.)

Ava is spirited and determined. Her eyes are mischievous and always laughing (even when she’s crying). She plays soccer, dances, does gymnastics. She will score a soccer goal and celebrate with a cartwheel and split. She flies across monkey bars in her dresses and tights. Ava and Aidan are going to be fantastic with their new baby sister, and I can’t wait to meet her and take pictures of all of them together!

Thanks guys! I know this has been a tough month. I’m glad I was able to capture for a moment the fun and laughter that so embodies your family, and my thoughts are with you now more than ever.



I met up with long time friends and grabbed some updated photos of everyone. It’s so awesome watching these guys grow up in pictures! It seems that when you have children, life gets so busy surviving all of the day to day routines. It becomes so difficult to see friends frequently . One of the things I love about photography is the chance it gives me to connect with people and their families – be they old friends or new ones – for an hour or two. I’ve done photos for the Swope family so many times now, and I love catching up with them!

Lily is so happy and twirly all the time! Her cheeks beg to be smooshed!!

I tried to tell Danny a few jokes and he put me to shame! He had tons in his back pockets just waiting for me!!

Natalie had just gotten her ears pierced the day before , and in two weeks she will donate her hair to the Locks of Love Organization. She also just opted to stop playing soccer so she could play the cello. Seeing her with her instrument was so cool! She was very focused!


Amena and I met through our sisters, who both live in the same small town in Ohio. Turns out that Amena and I live 10 minutes from each other in Maryland! Between me having babies and her having babies, it took a while for us to connect, but I am so glad that we met! Amena is the sweetest! and such a fun mom, bursting with energy, laughter and enthusiasm. She and Brian have two boys and a baby girl. We got together before the weather was too icy to get some fun photos of the whole family.

Ian is three and a half. He loves cars, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and he is taking on the lead role of  Great Protector of Little Brother From Snakes (he’s very good!) Emmett is two. He also loves cars and lollipops, and he hates riding in carts at Target. They both love their new baby sister Alana, who has  deep blue eyes and the sweetest smile, just like her mom.

Amena and Brian- I’m so glad we met! Thanks so much for an awesome morning!!


March 15, 2011 - 9:46 pm

Amena Your are amazing Danielle and we look forward to seeing you again soon! Ian and Emmett had never played Simon Says and you talked about it that morning with them and its been their favortie game ever since :)

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