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22 Weeks


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Raising Boys Chronicles, Cannon Edition

Cannon busted his toe last night and ended up with three stitches in his big toe. Another chapter in our Parenting Boys Diary, I guess.

I’m putting pictures up for family and friends that are interested, but, please be aware that the pictures are pretty gruesome.

In my adrenaline induced protective Mommy mode last night, looking at his injury didn’t seem to be too bothersome to me. Looking at the pictures today made me squirm and cringe and quickly close the window. Please don’t punch in the password unless you are sure you are ready for it.

Today he is resting and is in surprisingly good spirits. We don’t have more information yet on what the next steps will be; we will see another doctor on Monday and keep everyone posted.

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21 Weeks


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20 Weeks


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hi baby,

Daddy and I named you this week. It’s perfect. The world can wait to be introduced to you. Your brothers like to tell secrets so, for now, it’s just between the three of us. I was worried because name after name, no matter how much we liked it, didn’t feel “right”. But… your name. We said it once and knew. I have been whispering it to you at night, when you are most active. It’s almost as if you are so excited we are learning who you are. You seem to be a night owl, just like me.

love you, Mommy

F a c e b o o k